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  • Actionable Business Intelligence

    Actionable Business Intelligence

  • Enterprise Systems Integration

    Enterprise Systems Integration

  • Manufacturing Execution & Optimization

    Manufacturing Execution & Optimization

  • Software / Infrastructure as a Service

    Software / Infrastructure as a Service

  • Warehouse Management & Optimization

    Warehouse Management & Optimization

  • B2B Integration & Sales Force Automation

    B2B Integration & Sales Force Automation

  • Institutional Knowledge Management

    Institutional Knowledge Management

  • Online Visibility & Consumer Targeting

    Online Visibility & Consumer Targeting

Lehan & Company provides functional and technical subject-matter expertise in Management Consulting, Business Practice Advisory, Planning, and Technology. Our experience with today’s trusted technology standards can help your business reach new levels of success. Contact us today and let us help you leverage your most valuable asset.


Business Intelligence & Information Technology is a core competency for competing effectively in today’s marketplace. Lehan & Company provides a full suite of services to help you gain competitive advantage through technology and knowledge management.

Our expertise in enterprise software, business intelligence, and virtualized infrastructure can help reduce the pain-points and expense of technology management. We provide a top-down, bottom-up approach to technology utilization that emphasizes efficient transaction processing and distillation of data into the timely and relevant business facts that are most useful to managers.

We help you implement and utilize trusted and standardized, industry-specific, key performance indicators to enable empirical benchmarking and performance measurement across all the functional domains of your business.

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IPv6 Ready

IPv6 Ready